Our Vision

Community, sustainability, inclusivity and social responsibility.

These four things are the cornerstones of how we choose to do business here at Boulder Co.

Born from the vision to create a world class Bouldering, Fitness and Cafe facility in Auckland, Boulder Co. was created in a way that not only broke from the norm in scale, and wall design, but also in our approach to business.

Our gym is designed to foster the next generation of climbers, while providing support, a fantastic climbing experience, and a social hub for users of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Boulder Co. is designed and managed with our community in mind.

  • Cafe and Bar:
    We have included a cafe and bar within our gym, to allow you to use our space as a social hub, rather
    than just a place of exercise and climbing. Our beer is supplied by local brewery Hallertau, who share
     a lot of our business philosophies.
  • Local Products:
    Boulder Co. is working with local designers and small business owners, to provide you with locally produced
    New Zealand products. Our pro-shop has designated shelves where you can read about, support, and purchase
    locally crafted climbing goods.
  • Wall Build and Design:
    Boulder Co. commissioned the masterminds behind Uprising Industries in Christchurch to design and build our walls.
    100% New Zealand owned and operated, it certainly made sense to us!

Our philosophy is to reduce, reuse, and recycle, at any point possible.

  • Reduce:
    Tired of buying chalk and chalk balls sold in single use plastic? So are we. That’s why we have created our own branded chalk,
    wrapped only in paper.
    All the products we import are requested in as little packaging as possible, while our chalk balls and tape are shipped and sold loose,
    directly to you, without the need for plastic packaging.
  • Reuse:
    We have incorporated a scoop system for climbing chalk.
    Want chalk? Pay a discounted rate and have it scooped directly into your chalk bag. Easy as!

    All products shipped from Boulder Co. are done so in fully home compostable packing, tape, and labels.
    Once you’ve received your item, feed your garden!

  • Recycle:
    Boulder Co. takes recycling seriously.

    Please ensure you use the numerous recycling stations found around the facility.

Boulder Co aims to be as inclusive, approachable and affordable as we possibly can.

  • We do not have a mandatory climbing shoe policy allowing you to climb in your own clean closed-toe shoes.
  • We have also created a large area of climbing suitable for younger, or less experienced climbers.
    Boulder problems in this area are shorter and are designed with both children and beginners in mind, ensuring
    every person can enjoy bouldering to the fullest.
  • Our memberships are remarkably simple and affordable, with short minimum terms, no sign-up fees, no cancellation fees, and multiple ways to pay.

Auckland is our home too. Let’s make it great.

  • Our staff are carefully selected and trained to provide the best safety, climbing and customer service experience possible.
  • Boulder Co. offers discounted rates to charities and not-for-profit groups to ensure everyone gets a chance to experience bouldering.
  • We are already working closely with organisations to host events and competitions, to support worthy initiatives throughout Auckland
    and the rest of New Zealand.