What is Bouldering?

Zero ropes, Zero harnesses, Zero Hassle.

Bouldering is climbing made simple.

A great workout for the body and the mind, bouldering combines problem solving and physical exercise on a 3-dimensional level, providing endless possibilities for full-body workouts and fun for all. 

Our skilled team of Route Setters create boulder “problems”, which are a combination of artificial holds attached to the walls, creating a colourful path for you to solve and summit.

With walls engineered to a specific height, our specifically designed crash-pads keep you safe, while allowing you to freely attempt even the most technical of our climbs.

For young or old, tall or small, bouldering can be a full-on replacement to your workout routine, or a social, recreational activity to enjoy with friends, family or by yourself.

Boulder Co. has been designed with the growth and development of the New Zealand climbing community in mind, encouraging climbers to hang out, climb hard, and have fun.