30 Dec 2021

COVID-19 guidelines and information – Orange Light

Boulder Co. is working hard to ensure we can provide a safe environment for both staff and visitors while at our facility. We are fortunate to have a very large, and extremely well ventilated facility, including air-conditioning, fresh air supply, climate control, and a dedicated air purifier/chalk eater. 


We will be following all government mandated instructions, and below are our guidelines, which aim to assist in the prevention of transmission of the COVID-19 virus within our facility.

Please be respectful of our guidelines and policy in this matter, we as a business have a duty of care to do everything practicable to provide both our staff and the public with a safe workplace and indoor space and must also follow all government instructions in order to open.


We will be updating our policy as new information is provided by the government, or as we see improvements can be made to better protect those within our facility.



  • As per Government policy, under the Covid Protection Framework (the traffic light system), all visitors and staff entering our facility are required to be double vaccinated and are required to produce an official vaccine pass to our staff.
  • Vaccines passes will be scanned and checked by staff upon arrival, and confidentially added as a note to your profile. We will only need to sight the pass once, and no further information is recorded or kept.
  • Those who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine i.e. those under 12yrs old, will not be required to provide a vaccine pass, and will be allowed to enter the facility.
  • You can download the My Vaccine Pass here: Download My Vaccine Pass.



  • Masks are optional, but highly recommended while in our facility. Staff are required to wear masks.
  • We strongly encourage those climbing or exercising in our gym to continue to wear a mask, however the current government information indicates it is not a requirement while directly exercising, or inside a recreational facility.
  • While walking around the facility, visiting the reception or pro-shop, using the changing rooms etc. mask use is strongly encouraged.



  • Visitors and Staff must sanitize or wash hands immediately upon entry.
  • Sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.
  • Climbers are asked to wash or sanitize their hands immediately prior to stepping onto the climbing mats, and immediately after stepping off them.
    Due to our inability to sanitize our climbing holds, this will help us keep our holds clean.
  • Those using the fitness gym are required to wash or sanitize their hands prior to entering the gym, sanitize all equipment after use, and wash or sanitize their hands when they leave. 
  • Boulder Co. staff will be regularly cleaning and sanitising surfaces throughout the facility to ensure the cleanest possible facility.


Contact Tracing:

  • All staff and all visitors must scan in using the Covid-19 tracer QR codes located at the entrance to our facility.
  • All visitors must also check in at reception with a staff member once entering the facility.


Social Distancing:

  • Physical distancing of 1-meter must be followed by all visitors within the facility.
  • Staff will maintain 1-meter physical distancing between one another as much as is practicable.
  • Physical distancing will be enforced by staff, please take this aspect seriously.


Rental Equipment:

  • Climbing rental shoes are available to hire from reception.
  • Rental shoes are sanitized after use by our staff with a hospital grade sanitizing spray.
  • Rental chalk will not be available during traffic light red.



  • Currently we will not be accepting group bookings or holding any classes.
  • This will be re-assessed once we have had time to review our processes.



  • Café seating will be arranged in a way that encourages 1m social distancing, please respect this rule at all times.