14 Dec 2021

Dogs at Boulder Co.

We love dogs – who doesn’t?

We love dogs so much that our policy is committed to keeping both climbers and our furry friends safe. Unfortunately this means that dogs will not be allowed inside the facility at Boulder Co.

As is standard in a bouldering gym, climbers are subject to falls from anywhere and everywhere on our walls. Dogs left to roam free inside can create a massive risk of injury to both the climber and the dog. Health and Safety of everyone in the facility is our highest concern and we cannot justify this extra risk.

As many you will have seen already, Boulder Co. is also kitted out with a great Café and Bar! Due to this our entire facility has been classed as an ‘Undesignated Dining Area’ meaning we are subject to the strict hygiene requirements of the hospitality sector. This means we cannot allow dogs – even if tied up – to be in the facility (excluding service dogs).

We are working on different options for providing a designated sheltered area for your dogs to be outside but for now you are more than welcome to tie them up outside by our bike racks.

We understand this may have an impact on your daily routine and we sincerely apologise for that. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our facility for all of you so please reach out to us if you have any feedback!