Boulder Co. Conditions of Membership


Unlimited Entry Bouldering and Fitness Membership

Please read the conditions of membership carefully.

If you are under the age of 18 this agreement must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

This agreement is in addition to the Terms and Conditions found on our website and at reception which must be read and signed prior to your first visit to Boulder Co.


Membership entitlements and fees:

$48/ fortnight or $96/ four weeks

American Express cards have an additional fee of 4.60%
Dishonor fee: $4.60 on transactions failed due to lack of funds.
An additional 1.15% may apply for international cards

This membership entitles the holder to unlimited entry to any Boulder Co. Climbing gym during our regular opening hours,
unless restricted from areas or facilities due to age.

Please note: Different Boulder Co. Facilities may have different supervision ratios or age minimums.

Occasionally access to certain or all areas of the gym may be restricted due to events, setting for competitions or weekly setting.

Check out our website or talk to our staff to find out about additional deals and offers specific to your membership.


Fee collection:

Your payment for membership is collected via Payrix, payments are made fortnightly or 4 weekly. Please read billing provider terms for more information.

Please ensure your account allows for automated payments and sufficient funds are available.

It can take up to 3 days for payments to be processed, so we suggest you have sufficient funds available within your account for 3 days before and after the payment is due to process.


Date of commencement:

The terms of your membership will commence on the date set out on your payment contract and will continue until terminated in accordance with this agreement.



You have a minimum 4 week commitment to any membership agreement from the date of commencement, after which you may terminate this agreement at any time.

Boulder Co. reserves the right to terminate any membership agreement at any time and will endeavour to provide reasonable notice of termination.


Pause of Membership:
Due to the short term nature of our memberships, we do not offer pause of memberships.
Memberships can however be canceled and reinstated as requested after the 4 week minimum period is met, within your normal billing cycle. Refunds for membership periods that are unused will not be given.
After resuming your commitment following a cancelation of membership there is a further 4 week commitment to this membership before it can be canceled again.



Boulder Co. reserves the right to make amendments to this agreement at any time. These amendments may include but are not limited to changes to fees and membership entitlements.

Boulder Co. will endeavour to provide 14 days notice to membership holders prior to any changes.


Contact us and Cancellation:

To terminate, pause or request any additional changes to this agreement contact us via phone, email or at reception.

All requests to change an agreement must be received at least 3 business days prior to your next scheduled


If you have any questions in regards to this, please do not hesitate to contact us.