Personal Coaching


Our coaching and training team is headed by one of NZ’s best climbers – Cirrus Tan.

Wanting to take your climbing to the next level? Need to nail down and identify your strengths and weaknesses? Our qualified PT’s and Coaches can provide personalized coaching sessions for all your climbing needs.

Climbing Coaching 

  • Climbing Technique/Movement Session ($80 – $110 – 1-1.5hr)
  • Endurance Training Session ($80 – 1hr)
  • Projecting/Competition Prep Session ($110 – 1.5hr)
  • Climbing Coaching with Personalized Training Program ($160- 1.5hr)

2-on-1 Sessions can be arranged through enquiry with the coach.

Fitness Coaching 
  • General Strength Assessment ($90 – 1.5hr)
  • General Strength Assessment with Training program ($140 – 1.5hr)
  • Climbing Strength Assessment ($110 – 1.5hr)
  • Climbing Strength Assessment with Training Program ($160- 1.5hr)
  • Strength/Conditioning Training ($80 – 1hr)

Qualified PT, Climbing Coach

Qualified PT, Fitness Coach

Climbing Coach


Climbing Coach

Kids Climbing Coach

Kids Climbing Coach