Cirrus Tan



I am a qualified Personal Trainer and have been coaching climbers for over 10 years. I’ve studied training principles, sport coaching and sport psychology. Currently, I specialise more in Strength and Conditioning for Climbers, helping you train effectively to climb harder.

A big part of my coaching also involves analyzing your movement and technique on the wall, to get a thorough look at your climbing skills. I believe working 1-on-1 is the most effective way to improve your climbing and move past a plateau. A customized training program can also be made for you to add focus and structure to your training.

I also coach those interested in competing (Boulder & Lead) nationally and internationally, as I have had many years experience in competitions. Noteworthy accomplishments include National Champion for Combined Climbing Comp 2019, competing in Olympic Qualifiers 2020, and National Lead Champion 2022.

Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you climb harder!