Tom Cardno


Hi everyone!

Throughout the past 10 years I have been Personal Training and Coaching in a variety of commercial gyms, Crossfit gyms as well as other functional gyms. I pride myself on my knowledge of program design, biomechanics, movement correction/improvement and sport specific training. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with a few Elite level athletes competing at national and international levels and helped develop their skills for their chosen pursuit. 

I love working with people in the community to help with their fitness and health goals. Areas I have coached involve general training, powerlifting/strength, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics strength/calisthenics and even a bit of yoga.

Now I’m super psyched on climbing and all things encompassing the sport, and feel I can contribute to the growth of the sport through proper training.

I would love to sit down with you and discuss any goals you may have and how we could set you on the path to achieving them!